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The last competition of 2016 for the Amaury Faye Trio ended up pretty well with another award for Amaury as Best Instrumentalist / Soloist. The Tremplin Jazz d'Avignon is a european competition which take place every summer in Avignon during 2 days. 6 projects were competing this year and the german project Just Another Foundry is the winner of the competition. Here are the 6 different bands that played for 2 nights:


 - Garbage Ghost (Belgium)

 - Fred Perreard Trio (France)

 - Just Another Foundry (Germany)

 - Le Jardin (France)

 - Morganfreeman (Netherlands)

 - Amaury Faye Trio (France).


The jury was presided by famous american bass player Kyle Eastwood and 4 awards were gived to the following projects/musicians:


First prize of the Jury

Just Another Foundry (Germany)


 Public's Choice Award

Morganfreeman (Netherlands)


Composition Prize

Morganfreeman (Netherlands)


Best Instrumentalist / Soloist

Amaury Faye (France)


This was the last competition for this year 2016 for the trio, and with 5 prizes won in 4 national and international competition, this is way more than the trio expected. The trio is now following the next step which consist in the recording of its first album followed by a release tour in France and another one in Europe. 



For more information about the event please check out Tremplin Jazz d'Avignon's official website or facebook page.


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