ARISE {suite}

Amaury Faye Ensemble

"Quite a challenge, especially considering the diversity of atmospheres and characters in its writing, without losing the thread of this suite of nine pieces."


"ARISE {suite} is an extraordinary album that skillfully combines different musical influences, offering a unique and captivating sound experience. If you are passionate about jazz, classical music, or film soundtracks, we highly recommend listening to this album."


"The bet was ambitious... It is more than successful! Not surprising, coming from one of the most prominent French pianists of the new generation. [...] The result is as pure and majestic as the mountains that inspired Amaury Faye during the writing phase."



ARISE {suite}

ARISE {suite}


  1. A Stone Heart
  2. Opening/Part 1
  3. Opening/Part 2


  1. Uprising
  2. The Ancient
  3. Blossom


  1. Free Ride
  2. La Meije
  3. La Sambuy




Amaury Faye, piano

Julian Lee, tenor sax

Louis Navarro, bass

Théo Lanau, drums

Audrey Dupont, violin

Aurélie Fauthous, violin

Carlos Vizcaino-Gijon, alto

Nabi Cabestany, cello



Produced by Clearway Prod, ADAMI, SCPP and with the support of the DRAC Occitanie.

Artistic Director: Giuseppe Millaci

Executive Producer: Virginie Ravier

Released and distributed by label Hypnote Records

Press relations by Simon Veyssière (Accent Presse)

All tracks recorded in July 2022

Recorded by Valentin Mattedi at Salle Nougaro, Toulouse, FR

Mixed by Jonas Verrijdt in September 2022 at WallStudio, Brussels, BE

Mastered by Dave Darlington in January 2023 at Bass Hit Studios, New York, USA

Amaury played a Steinway D274 prepared by Frederic Delcorn and Pianos Parisot.

Artwork and layout by Romain Barbot

Translation by Jeremy Darlington

Photos by Guillaume Kayacan


All songs composed by Amaury Faye.