Deus Ex Machina

Initiative H

 "They call themselves Initiative H, they have a promising future, and are undeniably the new sensation among big hexagonal ensembles."
"A real war machine."
"David Haudrechy was able to conceive end-of-the-world scenarios, dark and intense, crossed by glimmers of hope, calm and dreamlike, which transcend them."

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

  1. Deus Ex Machina
  2. Infraction
  3. Desillusion
  4. Eastside
  5. E.T
  6. M.I.T
  7. Murderdrome
  8. "In Benzin Veritas"
  9. The Way of The Sun
  10. Manhattan Out




Directed by David Haudrechy


David Haudrechy, soprano & tenor saxophones

Ferdinand Doumerc, alto saxophone & flute

Gael Pautric, baryton saxophone & bass clarinet

Nicolas Gardel, trumpet

Nicolas Algans, trumpet

Olivier Sabatier, trombone

Lionel Segui, bass trombone

Joris Vidal, tuba & bass trombone (on 2,3,6,8)

Amaury Faye, piano & keyboards

Florent Hortal, guitar

Julien Duthu, bass & double bass

Pierre Pollet, drums

Florent "Pepino" Tisseyre, percussions




Produced by David Haudrechy, Philipp Heck and Eva Bauer-Oppeland.

Distributed by Neuklang.

All tracks recorded in June 2013

Recorded by Olivier Cussac at Studio Condorcet, Toulouse, FRA

Mixed and mastered by Philipp Heck at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, GER


All songs composed by David Haudrechy




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