Djim Radé


"A strong melodic sense and an overall delicacy, which makes his record the perfect companion early in the morning as well as late in the evening."
"An album that is also pan-African and unifying, where one can hear traditional Chadian rhythms such as Saï, Bayan, Gourna, Toh, etc. But also rhythms shared among several African countries such as rumba or the fusion between Senegal's Mbalax and Chad's Samagoï."
"Djim Radé skillfully handles Chadian rhythms, subtly intertwining them with swing. Between familiarity and contrasts, Chadian music shares more with jazz than one might think."

Djim Radé

Djim Radé

  1. Gang Doh (Djim Radé)
  2. Mila (Djim Radé)
  3. Bemba (Djim Radé)
  4. Nan Dou Bé (Djim Radé)
  5. Koum (Djim Radé)
  6. Neloum Sey (Djim Radé)
  7. Iko (Djim Radé)
  8. Adneli (Djim Radé)
  9. Sélé (Djim Radé)
  10. Supplication (Djim Radé)
  11. Taryam (Djim Radé)




Djim Radé - Guitar, Voice

Anna Bassy - Voice

Reno Silva Couto - Alto and Soprano Saxophones

Daniele Arzuffi - Tenor Saxophone

Giancarlo Mariani - Trumpet

Amaury Faye - Piano, keyboards

Roberto Arzuffi - Baryton Guitar

Philippe Burneau - Bass

Laurent-Emmanuel Bertholo - Drums

Serge Maurer - Percussions




Arranged by Djim Radé, Amaury Faye and Reno Silva Couto

Produced by Djérassem Le Bemadjiel

Distributed py Pachamama (Italy)

Recorded by Daniel Dru at Studio Alambic Record - Toulouse, FRANCE

Mixed  by Roberto Arzuffi at Studio Pachamama - Bresso, ITALY

Masterized at Elettroformatti - Milan, ITALY

Photos by Luca Arzuffi

Graphic Design by Francesca Mamotti




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