Double Portrait

Giuseppe Millaci - Vogue Trio

"Because of its highly narrative structure, reinforced by finely crafted melodies, Double Portrait [...] is undulating with contrasts and styles that owe much to the extensive repertoire of chords and rhythms of the pianist Amaury Faye, blending beautifully the sense of composition and pianistic technique. Exciting!"


"Without hesitation, Double Portrait is easily the trio's strongest and most rewarding recording to date."


"Post-bop jazz that grooves, swings, but also innovates. Not least in the direction taken by Giuseppe, who highlights the double bass and shows that his instrument is not only there to keep time, but also to make melodies sing."




Double Portrait

Double Portrait

  1. Proemio (G. Millaci)
  2. Where Everything Began (G. Millaci)
  3. Bad Fortune (L. Beuvens)
  4. Double Portrait (G. Millaci)
  5. Broustin Avenue (G. Millaci)
  6. Storm (G. Millaci, A. Faye, L. Beuvens)
  7. Time Waits (B. Powell)
  8. Beautiful Love (V. Young)
  9. Sunset in Galway Bay (G. Millaci)
  10. Happy End (G. Millaci, A. Faye, L. Beuvens)




Giuseppe Millaci, double bass

Amaury Faye, piano

Lionel Beuvens, drums




Produced by Hypnote Records.

Distributed by L'Autre Distribution (France), Alliance Entertainment (USA and worldwide), Outhere (Benelux)

Recorded live in June 2021

Recorded and mixed by Jonas Verrijdt at Pieuvre Studios, Brussels, BE

Mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studio, New-York, USA




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