Moog Project

Thierry Maillard


"Exciting: as all his projects, Thierry Maillard takes us everytime to different worlds, different territories."


"The meticulous work of invention by the keyboardist shows his ingenuity: the synthesizers are exploited on the rhythmic and harmonic planes, and are superimposed until sometimes taking on a symphonic scale."


"Astonishing, huge, brilliant, gripping, intense, dazzling, not to say monumental. Simply essential."




Moog Project

Moog Project

  1. It's Raining Again (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  2. Breakfast In America (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  3. Cannonball (R. Davies)
  4. Kristelle (T. Maillard)
  5. Towards The Moon (T. Maillard)
  6. Free As An Eagle (T. Maillard)
  7. Dreamer (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  8. The Logical Song (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  9. All The Things You Are (J. Kern)
  10. Private Joke (T. Maillard)
  11. Goodbye Stranger (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  12. Le Bagne (Y. Schmidt)
  13. Do Not Disturb (T. Maillard)
  14. Take The Long Way Home (R. Davies, R.Hodson)
  15. Moog To The Moon (T. Maillard)




Thierry Maillard, wurlitzer and moog synthetizers

Amaury Faye, piano, rhodes and keyboards

Yoann Schmidt, drums




Produced by ILONA Records.

Distributed by L'Autre Distribution (France)

Recorded in July 2022

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Philippe Gaillot at Recall Studio, Pompignan, FRA




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