Street Scene

Benjamin Naud Sextet

The music of Benjamin Naud is like him, made of contrasts, mastery and curiosity. It follows a path of its own, which every encounter is like a crossroads. In other words, each musicians comes to take its place with delicacy, considering that the music is made of the capture of ephemeral moments and unique dialogue. The group can embrasse many esthetic, sounds, always keeping its overall cohesion.


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Street Scene

Street Scene

  1. Street Scene (B. Naud)
  2. La Nuit du Chat (B. Naud)
  3. Lagrima Salada (B. Naud)
  4. See You Later (B. Naud)
  5. Funambule (B. Naud)
  6. Bird Life (B. Naud)
  7. Time's Portraiture (B. Naud)
  8. Hangua (B. Naud)
  9. Mr Morning (B. Naud)
  10. Western Spaghetti (B. Naud)




Benjamin Naud, drums

Thomas Koenig, tenor sax

Victor Gonin, guitar

Carlos Bettencourt, doublebass

Amaury Faye, piano

Nicolas Guilloteau, Djing



Produced by Benjamin Naud..

All tracks recorded in July 2019

Recorded by Nicolas Jobet and Jerome Cotte at Studio du Moulin, Montcabrier, FRA

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Jobet at Studio du Moulin, Montcabrier, FRA


All songs composed by Benjamin Naud.


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