The French piano trio of Amaury Faye, based in Brussels, won the first prize at the prestigious competition of the Jazz à Vienne festival, and the trio were allowed to use Erik Truffaz's studio for two weeks to make a debut." The result sounds promising and especially capped. in the American tradition.

Amaury Faye grew up in the South of France. There he had the good fortune to go to study with David Haudrechy (Archie Shepp, Rick Margitza) who immediately included him in his group Initiative H. But Faye wanted his own thing and since that was American jazz, he went for a year to Berklee in Boston. On his return he went to Brussels where he met drummer and countryman Théo Lanau. Bassist Louis Navarro, who lives in Amsterdam, he knew from the conservatory in Montauban. The Amaury Faye Trio could start.

A city map is shown on the cover of 'Clearway'.No real need to find your way back into the jazz region where the trio is active. The three remain within the framework of a classic American jazz tradition. Experiment drift with electronics and crossover exercises are completely foreign to them. The emphasis is on carefully balanced compositions that are expertly colored. Nowadays, in the midst of all hypes, this is almost considered as not done, but these three young musicians refute such an assertion with verve.

From soul jazz and smooth swing from the opening track to the more unruly ending with different tempo changes, this is a handsome and above all personal ode to a past but with a modern approach. The two standards 'Witchcraft' and Charlie Parker 'An Oscar For Treadwell' perfectly complete the picture. Amaury Faye has a smooth playing style in which modesty and blues alternate with more direct impulses. His rhythm section follows him closely, with his own accents. A trio to keep an eye on.  


Georges Tonla Briquet


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