Amaury Faye Ensemble's first album ARISE {suite} is out!

Amaury Faye Ensemble's first album ARISE {suite} is out!
From dark valleys to snowy peaks, evergreen forests to sheer cliffs, ARISE is an ode to the mountains composed by Amaury Faye, a homage to his alpinist grandfathers. From this limitless source of inspiration, Amaury Faye brings forth an instrumental suite, presented as a triptych. The three parts follow the idea of ascent; from the heart of the valleys, into the harshness of a steep climb, along precipitous paths and to the peace of the eternal summits. Arise is a project in the image of its musicians bringing together jazz, classical, film score and modern music for an epic journey through lush valleys, crystalline lakes to frosted moutaintops.

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