INITIATIVE H  &  V-Jing to share the stage with Nasheet Waits @ A Vaulx Jazz Festival

Initiative H x V jing will be performing on Saturday, March 12th at A Vaulx Jazz Festival (Lyon, FRANCE) and will present the new album, Darkwave (Neuklang, 2015). The team founded and led by french saxophonist David Haudrechy has already been largely acclaimed by public and critics, and this will be the first time for Lyon to experience Initiative H live with a V Jing performance (by french artist Romain Quartier).

This show will take place in first part of the Nasheet Waits Equality Quartet, led by american legendary drummer Nasheet Waits, featuring Mark Helias (bass), Aruan Ortiz (piano) and Darius Jones (sax alto).


To buy tickets, go to this page.

For more information about Romain Quartier and his work, go to Transat Production's official website.

For more information about the event, check out the facebook event page or go on A Vaulx Jazz official website.







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