Amaury Faye Trio finalist of the Biberacher Jazzpreiss 2016

Amaury Faye Trio has just been selected as a finalist for the Biberacher Jazzpreis 2016, an international competition that takes place in Germany in Biberach (Bade-Wurtemberg) between Munich and Friedrichshafen.


The event happens only every two years and only 4 bands are selected to compete among 40 applicants. This year, the 4 finalists are:


Janis Wolff Quintet (Germany)

Amaury Faye Trio (France)

Shane (Switzerland)

Moment's Concept (Germany)


The Amaury Faye Trio will perform for the Biberach Jazzpreis on Saturday, April 23rd in the Biberach Stadhalle.


For more information about the competition, go on Biberacher Jazzpreiss 2016's official website.



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