Amaury Faye Trio wins 2 awards at International Biberacher Jazzpreis 2016 (Germany)

Amaury Faye Trio made it at the International Biberacher Jazzpreis Competition 2016 by winning 2 awards after a performance executed at the Biberach Stadthalle, Germany. 

The two awards consist in the following ones:


- Public Prize

- 2nd Jury Prize 


Those 2 prizes illustrate how Amaury Faye's music has been considered by both the public and the professionals, placing him in the top of a competition with 40 bands and 9 different countries.

The finals featuring the 5 first projects of the competition took place in the little town of Biberach, between Munich and Friedrischafen in South Germany.

For this concert, the trio performed with french drummer Tancrède D. Kummer (now based in Amsterdam) replacing for Théo Lanau.


The winner that received the First Prize of the Jury is a project from Switzerland named Shane Quartet, a new project featuring Gabriel Wenger (tenor sax), Michael Gilsenan (tenor sax), Jérémie Krüttli (bass) and Philipp Leibundgut (drums).


Shane Quartet

The 3rd Prize and the Composer Award went both to german drummer Jannis Wolff who brought an international project this night featuring Jannis Wolff (drums, composition), Albert Kerekes (tenor sax), Alekszandr Jaremko (alto sax), Rok Zalokar (piano), Soet Kempeneer (bass).

Jannis Wolff Quintet


For more information about the event, check out Biberacher Jazzpreiss's official website or the Jazzclub Biberach's facebook page.



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