Live In Brussels got 3 stars on daily Belgian newspaper Le Soir

Live In Brussels has been reviewed on daily Belgian national newspaper Le Soir - Le Mad, and it got 3 stars. Review written by Jean-Claude Vantroyen.


"The new album of a trio of French who settled in Brussels. The album was recorded at the Jazz Station in March 2018 in a room enthused by an adventurous trio and classic at the same time, to the pianist evansian or monkian depending on the context, with a repertoire made of originals songs or standards composed by Kern, Gershwin and Monk. These three artists know how to swing.

In "Fascinating Rhythm", the complicity and osmosis of Amaury Faye's piano, Louis Navarro's double bass and Theo Lanau's drums are exquisite. It's dynamic, intense, inventive and made with taste. I'm not talking here only about notes, but the general impression that music makes on listeners: it's the "knack", the thing that makes this trio captivating us and taking us on its musical journey. And this is not the only track where this magic works. Everywhere, the fairy sent her spell, and that's good for us."


Jean-Claude Vantroyen





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