Buran gets 3 stars on daily belgian newspaper Le Soir

"Buran" has been reviewed on daily Belgian national newspaper Le Soir - Le Mad, and it got 3 stars. Review written by Jean-Claude Vantroyen.


Amaury Faye is from Toulouse and is 28 years old. He did a lot of work in Belgium, with his trio, and recorded a live album at the Jazz Station of Saint-Josse, Live In Brussels (Hypnote Records - 2018), which we said the greatest good. With Buran (L'Esprit du Piano/Hypnote Records), he moves on to another discipline, again, I think, more difficult than the piano trio: the solo piano. There, no ramp to support each other, accomplices to catch up. Everything is in his hands and in his head, everything is in itself. "The solo is for me a laboratory through which I can experience my most personal way of playing," says Amaury Faye in the notes to the record. He adds, "It's a formula where you can never cheat, never lie to yourself. Neither to the listener. Personal compositions and three times (by Higelin, Barry and Lodge). And a dense record, where Amaury Faye remembers classical music and pop music to mix with jazz music. It is a sophisticated album, very well built, although often improvised, very dense and very easy to listen to at the same time. We just have to let go, we listen, we are caught in a spiral of discoveries and surprises, we dream, we fly.


Jean-Claude Vantroyen 



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