Buran reviewed in Jazz News:

Buran has been reviewed on french jazz journal Jazz News by Alice Leclercq, who gave it a rave notice.


He dared to jump into the void, according to his words transcribed in the booklet, and raise at 28 years the challenge of the solo. On the Piano Spirit label, Amaury Faye presents a powerful, lyrical, panting program. His original compositions are complemented by pieces by Jacques Higelin and John Barry. We discovered the native Toulouse trio on the stage of Jazz in Vienna which he was the winner Rezzo / Focal 2016, we saw him engaged in the orchestra Jazz In Marciac 2018 conducted by Baptiste Trotignon, facetious on stage at in the Initiative H collective of David Haudrechy. We are seduced here by his voluble play, his search for the plain, a saturated space in the manner of a blower. An album with a timeless beauty.


Alice Leclercq



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