Amaury Faye x Igor Gehenot, new album to be released on March 5th on Hypnote Records

Amaury Faye and Igor Gehenot will release their first piano duo album recorded in Toulouse at Pianos Parisot this last summer. Produced by Hypnote Records, this album will feature pop songs, originals and Brazilian standards. The duo will first perform in great venues in Belgium, and plans to tour in France and Europe afterwards.
How does one describe the beauty of this music? The simplicity with which it transports us, how it resonates with us. The enigmatic delicacy of its sound, the power and eloquence of its silence.
Without any of the overplaying or parading that one might expect from two pianists sitting face to face, Igor Gehenot and Amaury Faye sublimate vivid melodies, complementing each other gracefully. Their repertoire is diverse, from The Police to Chico Buarque, by way of their own remarkable and evocative compositions that sit somewhere between New York Jazz and Neo Bop.
A modern creative vison makes this album a canvas for musical exploration and the two poetic heartfelt voices blend seamlessly into a lyrical tapestry. With a ubiquitous european romanticism reminiscent of Chopin’s nocturnes, the revisited pop and bossa melodies take on a new tint, rich and delicate.
The spirit of Brazilian music is inevitably conjured up, not only due to their rendition of iconic pieces by Chico Buarque and Joao Boscoor their hommage to the great melodicist Egberto Gismonti, but also because the sweet melancholy that fills the ballads of the album (Éternité, Pare A Pluie, Message In The Bottle, Bibo No Aozora) is the very definition of the elusive “Saudade”. This delicious nostalgia finds a home alongside energetic neo-bop exuberance (Egberto, Hudson river park, Magic ball). The classic and original material is a perfect fit for the soaring improvisations of this duo, enabling a playfully collaborative display of compositional skill and pianistic aptitude.
Spontaneity, intimacy and grace seem to radiate from these two artists and their brilliantly engaging music.


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