Giuseppe Millaci Trio featuring Amaury releases its new album on October 7

Interaction: Live à Flagey pays homage to the iconic venue where it was recorded, a masterful and sensitive opus, with a balanced variety of moods. The trio has been touring extensively for five years now and its unity can be felt throughout the energetic swing, the ballads and the crisp bossa novas that make up the album. Giuseppe Millaci (double bass), Lionel Beuvens (drums) and Amaury Faye (piano) balance each other out gracefully, giving full expression to their distinct voices and personalities. The recording is filled with virtuosic solos including a piece entirely performed on the upright bass, Millaci’s singular tribute to his instrument of choice. Also note the sublime and sensuous rendition of Pra Dizer Adeus, revealing the complementarity of these talented musicians to be a perfect fit for this carefully tailored setting, the Vogue Trio.



The album Interaction: Live à Flagey will be released on October 7th on belgian label Hypnote Records. For more information, go on Hypnote Record's official website:


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