Introducing Danger Zone, the first album of Paul Morvan and Alex Gilson featuring Amaury Faye on piano


Danger Zone is a collective co-directed by drummer Paul Morvan and bassist Alex Gilson which brings together the young generation of Parisian jazz musicians around the same idea: ‘it’s all about swing! ‘. The group and this record were born from a combination of several factors: a friendship, countless concerts and tours with many groups, a desire to unite musicians and friends around a common passion for swing and bebop. , and… a global pandemic. During these long months without concerts, they sought to transform this time into a saving energy to think about 'the aftermath', and thus compose, organize, plan, and get out of their usual role of sidemen. Emanating from this collective, the quintet which presents its first recording here includes Bjorn Ingelstam on trumpet and vocals, Amaury Faye on piano, Michel Pastre on tenor sax, and the two young band-leaders. Between compositions and standards, with an always relentless swing, they continue to carry their message in France and around the world: Get in the Danger Zone!

The album will be released on Gaïa Production on March 31. For more information, go on Danger Zone's official website.


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