ARISE gets its first positive reviews

Amaury Faye Ensemble's first album ARISE {suite} has already been critically acclaimed in Italy, Netherlands and France. Several radios from the United States to Australia have already broadcasted the album.




In France, Jazz Magazine described the work as "Quite a challenge, especially considering the diversity of atmospheres and characters in its writing, without losing the thread of this suite of nine pieces."

In Italy, the magazine Jazz In Family awarded a perfect 5-star rating and stated: "In summary, ARISE {suite} is an extraordinary album that skillfully combines different musical influences, offering a unique and captivating sound experience. If you are passionate about jazz, classical music, or film soundtracks, we highly recommend listening to this album."

In Belgium, the album was selected for DragonJazz 2023 and received the following comment: "There is definitely something epic in this musical work, like a breath echoing the evoked landscapes."

In the Netherlands, Georges Tonla-Briquet wrote in Jazz'Halo: "Sufficient subtle twists are introduced to prevent the whole from sinking into a superficial exercise in style.[...] The result is captivating."

ARISE {suite} was broadcasted in Belgium on RTBF-Musiq3, in the United States on All About Jazz, and in Australia on WTJU fm.




The first official release concert will take place in Paris at the Sunside Jazz Club on June 14 for the event Le Club by Jazz Magazine. Tickets can be ordered on this link and this promotion code can be used: 5AF1406.




The concert will feature Olga Amelchenko on alto sax, Theo Lanau on drums and Damien Varaillon on bass. For more information go on Hypnote Records's official website.


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