Amaury Faye live on TSF Jazz on Friday, June 23

Amaury will present its new album ARISE {suite} on radio broadcast Deli Express presented by Jean-Charles Doukhan on national jazz radio TSF Jazz. The album was disc of the day on the same radio last monday.

The broadcast will take place in Paris at TSF Jazz Studios, on air at 12am and will include an interview of Amaury, with a couple of songs played by his quartet featuring alto saxophonist Olga Amelchenko, bassist Alex Gilson and drummer Tom Peyron


"The bet was ambitious... And it has been more than successful!

No wonder, coming from one of the most prominent French pianists of the new generation. A man recently encountered within the Danger Zone and Paris Jazz Sessions collectives or with accordionist Sébastien Farge.

"Arise," Amaury Faye's new album, originated from a dual desire.

Firstly, to blend the classical European aesthetic, at the heart of his recent solo album, with the spontaneity of jazz that he has been exploring since 2015 with his trio.

Secondly, to give a new scope to his work as a composer.

Based on that, he envisioned a nine-piece orchestral suite, performed by the aforementioned trio, a string quartet from the Chamber Orchestra of Toulouse, as well as New York saxophonist Julian Lee.

The result is as pure, beautiful, and cinematic as the mountains that inspired Amaury Faye during the writing phase... We explore this repertoire in his company, with the added bonus of a musical session featuring Olga Amelchenko on the alto saxophone, Alex Gilson on double bass, and Tom Peyron on drums."







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